Camilla Baresani

Himalayan Pink Salt

2015—Amazon Kindle Edition

Tough, relentless, corrosive: Himalayan Pink Salt tells the story of Giada, a thirty year old living in Milan. The novel beginson February 13, 2013; it’s raining and the young woman is at home, she is waiting for a very important, indeed, crucial guest.
Dinner is ready, but Giada – on a whim – decides to go out to buy some Himalayan pink salt. She wears high heels, she walks talking on the phone, she is in a hurry, she is going to meet a man who can change her life…  Suddenly two strangers come into the scene: Giada’s life will never be the same. This is the beginning of the story. Giada is very ambitious. She is smart and she is clever, yet others are smarter. Her struggle to be a successful and famous PR becomes Giada’s struggle against the world. The conflict is not only against sworn enemies, but against enemies that are hidden everywhere, even where people least expect them.

Winner of the
Letteratura Città di Como International Prize
Cortina d’Ampezzo Prize
Letteratura Città di Vigevano Prize